Thursday, February 18, 2010

Playing with toys

Hi all! Jason is playing with toys pretty regularly now. It's so cute and nice because he's able to entertain himself a bit better. We've also been able to get a lot more cute smiley pictures:

he loves his moose
We bought him an exersaucer...he doesn't know quite what to think about it, but he's still a bit small for it. I think he'll have fun with this
the little face I can't get enough of:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Would have been one year old...

Today is the one year anniversary of the EDD of my first pregnancy. If things had gone differently I would have a one year old now. It seems odd that I would think about that because it was about a year ago that we concieved Jason - the light of my life and the sweetest baby ever. I am so thankful to God for the blessing that is my wonderful son, yet I'm still sad today. I'm wearing my remembrance necklace I bought soon after I miscarried. I wore it from the miscarriage until the EDD then again on the anniversary of the miscarriage (July 24th). I've just been thinking a lot last night and this morning. Last night we were singing our Palm Sunday/Good Friday songs. I've never really been saddened by Christ's death. I knew it was God's plan and that he would be raised from the dead 3 days later so knowing the happy ending it was hard for me to be too upset. One of the songs we're singing is from Mary's perspective. We sang it a few years ago and so many people cried, but I didn't. Now that I have a son, I was SOBBING. It had to be so hard to see your son die like that...I don't know if I can fit enough tissues in my folder to get me through Palm Sunday this year. Of course I was already sad because Jason was SCREAMING before choir rehearsal last night. I hadn't heard him like that since he got his shots and it really scared me. My friend Krissy suggested it was gas and after some Mylicon and bouncing and patting he felt better. I couldn't imagine dealing with that all the time. I am so grateful that Jason is usually such a calm, happy baby. Sorry for the bummer post. I guess cute pictures and milestones aren't all that's on my mind.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Bjorn walk and Johnny Jump-up

Good head control affords a baby new experiences. On Friday we took Jason for a walk in his Baby Bjorn. When we've tried to put him in it in the past he's cried the whole time, but thankfully this time was different. I was kind of cold outside so we put him in his bear bunting (just like the NB one he got from G&G Bender, only we got a 3-6 months version). He fell asleep pretty much as soon as we put him in the carrier. He looked like a doll with his cute baby arm and legs sticking out. Overall, it worked much better than the stroller on our uneven sidewalks. I had to walk kind of like I was pregnant again...I might have to adjust some straps and just get used to using it in general.

sleepy bear
Last night we tried out the Johnny Jump-up. He's still too small for it but he seemed to enjpy it anyway. I'm sure it will work better when he can get centered in the basket so one leg isn't lower, leading to spinning. Bonnie was pretty sure we just got her a "dangling baby" toy and Jason kept trying to eat the straps. A good time was had by all!

I was also able to load the video of Jason's baptism on the previous post

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jason's baptism

Jason was baptized last Sunday. He did really well. Here's the video if you're interested

I hate how fat I look but that's how I look...maybe it can be motivation or something. But of course it's not about me, it's about him.

Here are some more pics of my little angel:
He's starting to hate tummy time less and less as he's getting better control of his head and upper body. He can also roll over from his tummy to his back!
This picture cracks me up...he's starting to bring toys to his mouth and Dan caught a great face.