Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Jason's second Christmas was a pretty laid-back one. Largely due to the fact that I had to work. We already saw our families the past couple months so there was no big pressure to see them at Christmas. Although Dan's parents did make the trip as part of their "tour" to see everyone else, so that was nice. Jason gave me his gift to me on Christmas Eve night - he slept all the way until Christmas morning and didn't wake up once. I love sleep so it was a great gift! Then we all got up and had breakfast. At the end of breakfast my parents called and we got on Skype and opened our presents from them "in front" of them. Skype Christmas's are great - togetherness without travel! They got Jason and Dan Colts slippers so that was cute! Jason didn't quite know what to do as far as gift unwrapping. He pulled and ripped on some paper but overall I did it for him. He now has enough toys to entertain a small army of toddlers.
I may have to split them in groups and cycle them around, but that sounds like a lot of work right now so I'm putting it off and piling it up in the toybox.
Cute puppy back leash...who's keeping track?!
Dan's parents came on Monday evening and left on Wednesday morning. We had a nice visit with them. Jason got more gifts and Dan and I got our butts kicked in Raquetball by Dan's dad. I'm glad we did it though, I need to be more active and it was a lot of fun even though I'm terrified of the ball and have been known to shreik. We also tried (like last year) to get some interesting low light Christmas pictures with varying success.
This picture cracks me up: Dan was trying to get Jason to smile but Jason decided it would be more fun to play with the camera. Let's consider this "Jason's first picture"

Jason loves being outside even when it's cold. We just bundle him up really good and he's happy as can be!

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