Saturday, September 12, 2009

Other Nursery projects

I decided to just make another post because it's so beyond annoying putting pictures in these blog entries. In our baby care research, one of the way to help prevent SIDS is to install a ceiling fan. One of our friends who recently had a baby also said that her baby really likes to stare at ceiling fans and when we found one for like 60% off we figured it was meant to be! I'm glad Dan is willing to take on these projects, I know I wouldn't have the patience. Anything electrical involves a fair degree of slowing down and being really careful so you don't like electrocute yourself or something...I'm no good at slowing down, so I decided I will not do electrical things and just stick to painting (which I do the best). Dan worked on the ceiling fan while I was working last weekend and even though he had a few set backs (one involving a rather large hole in the wall that I'll have to repair) it is now mounted and we are just trying to get it balanced:

Today, I completed the Tree project. I bet you were thinking that was done but I was holding out on you! It's actually a FAMILY Tree project. I got baby pictures of myself, Dan and our parents and framed and mounted them on the tree. I think it turned out really cute!

I'm working on getting some shades for the windows so that will be the next big thing to be done in there. I sure hope our furniture comes in soon...I'm really getting sick of waiting for it!

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