Monday, October 12, 2009

37 weeks and Nursery is 95% done!

I'm so happy! It came in on Wednesday and we got it all set up this weekend. The room is so cute! I can't wait to put the baby in there. Of course, we aren't totally done :( Stupid JC Penneys is being slow with my roman shades so I haven't been able to put up the window treatments yet. As soon as those are in I can finally be done with this nursery. Here are the pics of what we got so far with some cute letters from my shower on the windowsills for good measure.

And here's me at 37 weeks:


  1. Your looking great Kathy!!! I cant believe he is almost here! Im looking foward to seeing some pics of the little guy.

  2. i LOVE the nursery. you look amazing woman. wow. I cannot wait to see pics and eventually meet the little guy. I like the B O Y in the window but what does the O H stand for? what names have you decided on?

    loves to you all.

  3. I just heard the news about the future little one! I'm so happy and excited for your whole family (because, your kitteh and puppy will be sharing the joy with you :D)

  4. the full effect of the letters spell out "OH BOY" They won't stay after the window treatments are put up, they were just cute decorations from my baby shower that make me smile when I want to frown because I have no shades yet ;)