Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year. It was so fantastic having a baby this year, even though he had no idea what was going on. My parents and brother came down from Dec 23rd until the 27th. They got down just ahead of the storm that gave us a White Christmas. Not a whole lot of snow but enough to cover the ground and it was icey so all the more reason to stay inside, hang out and play Wii and cuddle the baby. This was the first time Jason got to meet his Uncle Jimmy so that was nice. I hope my parents got some better pictures, I sort of forgot to download them from their camera before they left but here are a few:

We also got ourselves a new camera for our big Christmas present. Hopefully this will lead to better pictures taken by me (it has the stabilization feature for my shakey hands) and more videos. I'll have to figure out how to convert them to smaller file sizes (I've seen Dan do it but I don't know how he did it) so I can put them in the blog. Jason is smiling a lot now and we've even been able to catch some on camera....he's so flipping cute! We had Monday the 28th to reset the house and Dan's parents came down on the 29th. His sister Abby came with them for the day and had to go back home to work on the move. We had a second Christmas so Jason was able to get more use out of his Christmas outfit. Between both grandparents and all the Aunts and Uncles, Jason made out like a bandit. For New Years we did the "(Great) Grandma Bender New Years Celebration". We played games all night then rang in the new year wearing stilly hats, throwing around an unopened bag of confetti (it's cleaner that way) and had plenty of noise makers and streamers. It was a good time!

So I will let Jason wish you a Happy 2010!

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  1. Kathy he is such a cutie!! I'm glad your holidays were great and hope you all have a wonderful new year!