Monday, April 12, 2010

5 months!

Top of the mornin' to ya!
I am such a bad blogger! Sorry about not posting. I've had plenty of cute things to share but finding time to share them is another thing. I recommend friending me on Facebook if you haven't already so you can see the updated pictures with more regularity. It only takes a couple minutes to upload pictures there as opposed to this stupid thing (for some reason it inserts the pictures at the beginning of the post and I have to move it to where I want it to go so it takes forever).
Jason is 5 months old now. He's about 15lbs or so and he's getting so tall (not sure how tall because it's hard to measure him...I guess you'll have to wait until his 6 month well-baby appointment). He did great with the cereal so we started him on veggies. He's had about every flavor they make: sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, and green beans. I think I'm going to get a baby food grinder soon so he can try different stuff - and what we're having for dinner. He's still eating in his Bumbo chair with the tray so I'm glad we have that. He's not sitting steady enough yet to eat in the highchair but we've bought some straps and hopefully can figure out how to put them on so he can use the highchair. He sure is a messy eater! We didn't notice it as much with the cereal but now that he's eating veggies we pretty much have to strip him down to his diaper. Good thing the weather has warmed up just in time!
He's starting to tolerate tummy time a bit better now and we can get him to do at least 10 minute stretches, sometimes more. I think he gets frustrated that he can't move around...I know he really wants to chase Bonnie around. He loves to watch her play and we even have him laughing at her on video. Just the cutest sound ever! He's also very close to being able to sit by himself. He can do it for a few seconds then he either folds forward or falls to one side.
It helps to hold onto a ball or something and of course that makes Bonnie excited. He's still a super-great baby. He's been sleeping pretty well. He usually nurses to sleep around midnight (mommy works second shift, what can you do?) and doesn't wake up until 8:30 at which point I change his diaper, take off his sleep sack and bring him into bed with me for morning nursing and cuddle time (and falling back to sleep). We usually get up at 10 or so after he nurses for breakfast. The Exersaucer is his favorite toy. He has all those toys to play with plus he can really jump around a lot in there which is always fun.


  1. I love all the pictures but the last one especially melts my heart! He is such a cutie pie.

  2. adorable. he is getting so big. miss you guys.