Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun weekends in April

No posts then two in a row - Crazy!
We had some fun weekends here in April so I thought I would recap in pictures:
On April 11th we went over to our friends Krissy and Nicole's house. Krissy has a son named Matthew who is a year and a half so Jason had a lot of fun playing with his toys

here's a super-cute rocking horse Jason did pretty well with playing on

He loved this water toy and got us both soaked
Here's Matthew and Jason on his first wagon ride
Then on April 16th we embarked on our first big trip. We flew up to Chicago and drove down to Valparaiso, IN for Abby's wedding. Jason did really well on the plane. I nursed him on take off and landing so hopefully his ears wouldn't bother him. He slept most of the way up to Chicago. We rented a car with a carseat from Hertz. The carseat was pretty cheap and Jason didn't like it very much. Plus I had a hard time getting the angle right and when he would fall asleep his head would fall forward. We made due though. The wedding was at a beautiful bed and breakfast and our family and the groom's family pretty much took the place over. It made for a real family feeling. The wedding was lovely and although a bit on the cool side, the weather was nice. Jason was very good during it, although with it being outside it was a little more forgiving. They had a great photographer and I'm still going through all the pictures. She got some really cute shots of Jason (oh yeah, and the bride and groom...) We got to visit with everyone and Jason got to meet his Great-Grandpas. My parents even drove up to visit us on Sunday and it was nice to see them. Jason did well on the trip back too. He got a bit bored on the plane ride back so we had to entertain him with cups and whatnot so he wouldn't be too fussy. Life sure is more complicated with a baby, but it's totally worth it!

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