Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chasin' Jason

Sorry for taking so long to update! My mastitis cleared up in a couple days so that was a relief. I have a lot of updates and stories so here we go. On August 28th weekend we went up to KC to visit Abby and Terry. They also watched Jason on Saturday night so Dan and I could go out to dinner for our 6th anniversary. It was nice to dress up and have a grown up meal out. We had a really nice visit and even had a good swim in the community pool.

On September 4th we took Jason out to have his first haircut! He did so good and is now even cuter than ever.


Lately, Jason has been fighting his morning nap. I imagine he'll be fading that out eventually in favor of a longer nap in the early afternoon. This picture is funny because one Saturday when he was fighting his nap I said "fine, then you can help me sort laundry". He was playing in the pile and then would drop off to sleep....wake up and play....drop off. Too cute
Now that he's quite mobile with the crawling and pulling up and cruising on just about everything I find myself "chasin' Jason" most of the day. He's some pictures of what the little stinker can get into.
"reading" the newspaper - we've since decided it was best to keep our pile of newspaper out of reach
I swear, if you leave this kid alone for too long he'll crawl into the bathroom and unravel the toilet paper - he loves to do that

One day I thought it would be safe to leave him to play in his room while I went to the bathroom. Appearently he can reach the Kleenex box....

On September 20th we got a nice little day-visit from Grandma Bender and Great-Grandma Coffman. We went out to get Jason some new shoes and just generally hung out and played.

Ok, I think we're all caught up now!

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  1. He is so cute Kathy! His smile is so adorable with his little teeth.