Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to me!

It's been a while since I posted so I figure I'd tell you about my Mother's Day weekend. The weather was really nice on Saturday and our usually plant nursery was having a sale so we got a bunch of flowers and plants for our garden (most of which I can't spell so bear with me). We moved a hydrangea out of the sun and into the shade (where it belongs, I don't know why I thought that original spot was shady), and planted a hybiscus in it's place. We also planted a lilac bush in the corner of our bulb garden. Here's a picture of the shade garden, all nice and filled in with impatiens and bagonias.

On Sunday, we were pretty beat from all the planting on Saturday and it was raining so I figured Mother's Day was a good time to shop for maternity clothes! I got a bunch of cute stuff from Motherhood Maternity and even got a gift bag with, among other things, a baby bottle. Now I have a baby bottle...whoa, I still need to figure this baby stuff out! Dan was really sweet and got me a card as well as cards from the dog and cat. I also got Mother-to-be cards from our moms. I'm glad I'm pregnant on Mother's Day, it makes it easier to take that I would have been a mother to a 3 month-old had things worked out with my first pregnancy. I am so blessed for what I have now.


  1. i am glad that your mothers day went so well.

  2. I also shopped at Motherhood Maternity on Mother's Day & got a gift bag too! Your very first mom's day is a special/memorable one :)