Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm starting to look like a pregnant lady!

Here's my 16 week pic:

Starting to look like a convincing bump there! I'm really enjoying wearing my cute maternity clothes and rocking the bump around town. I think I'm finally moving out of the "I just look fat" phase so that's good. Nothing else much pregnancy related going on. A couple more weeks until my big u/s so I'm pretty stoked about that. Oh and my birthday is this Sunday!


  1. I assume you have the ultrasound already scheduled. We (bringing Hunter too) find out the sex of our baby June 17th (23 weeks).

  2. well first off Happy Birthday!!! And second your baby bump is adorable. And im thrilled to pieces you are doing at least a few progress pics. they are adorable. I love that shirt. What day do you find out what gender the baby is? Well congrats and loves.