Monday, May 4, 2009

OB appt and my crazy new body

I had my OB appointment today and it went really well. They were able to find the HB right away - 157 bpm, same as I was getting, so yay, I can use my doppler right! Then they weighed me and I actually lost 2 pounds since last time. How did that happen? I haven't done anything! It was so funny to have a doctor tell me I needed to eat more. I've been overweight my whole life so that's a new one...I kind of wish I got that on tape! I talked to him breifly about screening tests and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do any. It wouldn't really change anything, I wouldn't get an amnio because of the risk and I don't want the extra stress. I will probably have my big u/s around the second week in June. I haven't scheduled it yet because you can get into there the next day so they don't schedule it that far in advance so I have to wait until next month's appt. Oh well, it's next month either way.
Ok, back to my crazy body. I've been busting out of my B-cups so I went to Walmart to get some new bras. I picked up some Cs and they were too small (!!!) So I figured, better try the Ds. I go out and pick up a couple and bring them back to the fitting room and they are C's again. Appearently, my mind and body both don't believe I would need to pick up Ds. So after actually picking some up they fit great. So here I am, ousted from the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (my Bs are itty bitty because I'm a size's a proportion thing). I'm digging this new body though. Boobs look good and I'm starting to get an official baby belly (I'll do a picture soon, I promise). Overall, things are going well on my end :-)

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