Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mudding the Nursery

Well, tomorrow marks 13 weeks, the official start of the second trimester as far as most people are concerned. I still feel pretty nauseous and tired most of the time so I'm really hoping that will change soon. It was a rainy weekend so it was a good time to make some more progress in the nursery. I scraped the loose paint off where it had come off from the wallpaper seams. Dan got to work fixing the hole behind the door. Today, I mudded the areas where the paint was scrapped off and filled in the many nail and pinholes in the walls. Good thing I have a fair amount of experience in mudding because that's usually my job on mission trips. I had to send Dan out because he doesn't usually mud and I liked the way I was doing it better ;-) I don't have a "belly pic" this week because I still don't think I've changed much from the last time. I'll probably do one next week. I'm sorta profile in one of these pics, so that' just going to have to satisfy your "how big has Kathy gotten so far" needs. Here are some progress pictures:

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  1. well i think you look cute. and some times women just need to take projects over for themselves. men just dont do it right. lol. i love you guys.