Monday, April 13, 2009

11 week belly pic

Ok, so here I am! I can't believe I'm already 11 weeks! Last week of the first trimester (yes, I'm going by developmentally, because it makes the most sense and it gets me to the second trimester faster). I started wearing my maternity clothes this weekend because I was sick of either having my belly crushed (and nauseating me) or having to try to unbutton the pants and rubberband them together. Maternity pants are SO COMFORTABLE! I think I'll make this a double-post day since I wanted to put the rest of my weekend into a separate post. Anyway, here's the pic:


  1. you are adorable. and I LOVE that you are doing the belly progress pics. you are a very cute preggers. i love that shirt.

  2. you look so cute! yay for second trimester!!!