Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rough Night

I'm going to take a break from the pregnancy talk right now to talk about last night. My husband, Dan is a Type I diabetic. He usually takes really good care of himself, in typical meticulous engineer fashion. Last night I stayed up late (as I tend to do) and didn't get into bed until around 2:45am. As I got under the covers, my leg brushed against Dan's and it was soaked. When his blood sugar gets too low he tends to break out in a cold sweat, which is good because it's a great indication that there is a problem. I turned on the light in the bathroom so it wouldn't be too bright and I got him a small glass of juice. That usually does the trick and he comes around. He was really out of it last night though and even after the juice he was still just barely conscious of what was going on around him (he keep staring at the clock like he couldn't read it). I decided to turn on the bedroom light at this point and grab his diabetes supplies and another glass of juice. I have never taken his blood sugar before and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out his lancet (at least I knew how to use the glucometer). I took his blood sugar and it was 29 (which is critically low). I gave him the other glass of juice and in about 5 minutes he started to come around and be able to speak and think again. He decided to get up and get a bowl of cereal and I changed the sheets (since they were drenched with sweat). After changing into fresh jammies he went back to bed, finally acting like himself again.
This stuff really scares me. The last time I got pregnant Dan got some kind of virus and was in the hospital with a 104 degree temperature. It's like when I get pregnant he gets less healthy. It's been a while since the last hypoglycemic incedent and it's never been this bad so it was really scary. I did finally fall asleep by around 4am so it's a good thing I work second shift and could sleep in today. I hope stress doesn't cause miscarriages...I'm doing my best to settle down right now.

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