Friday, February 27, 2009

Second Betas

I'm doing good with this daily update thing, huh?
Anyway, I ran my betas again yesterday and the number was 318. Quite good doubling from 64, 3 days ago. I will run another beta next Thursday and hopefully stop there, it's kind of nervewracking and I will have my OB appointment soon and I imagine they'll run one too. I feel a bit better now although there isn't any real reason to worry other than my own fear and paranoia. The miscarriage dreams certainately aren't helping! I had a couple "BFP dreams" before I got my positive test but the night before that positive I had a dream that I was bleeding, and last night I had another bleeding dream. I still check the TP every time I go. I hope I can calm down, but I have a feeling I'll always have a baseline of worry...comes with the territory when you've lost a baby before. My preg symptoms so far are mainly the sore boobs and fatigue. If I don't stay hydrated I get bad heartburn so I'm trying to stay on top of that. I'm also hungry all the time so I'm trying to eat healthy so I don't gain too much weight.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! I had a handful of m/c dreams the first few weeks of my pregnancy as well. They seem to have stopped (knock on wood) now. I think that each day is just a little easier than the one before it. Each milestone I reach allows me to breathe just a little bit easier. The worry and fear will never be completely gone. But thats why we have eachother on SAL. Hang in there, I love the new blog!